Thursday, December 17, 2009

Video 2


  1. They love those bears! Wow are they cute - they look like little Kennedys!
    Laura Fuhrman

  2. Awesome to see the boys! We had to stay the 10-day wait, and it was so hard and boring and long, so hopefully they will let you go and not do that in January. Are you learning Russian? How come Jim isn't wearing his swine flu mask? :-)

    Congrats, we hope it continues to go well.

  3. Actually, I am learning the alphabet and trying to read some of it. The spoken language still escapes me for the most part. As for the swine flu mask, they didn't even bother to give them to us the second day so apparently it was not that big a deal.

    And yes, I have tried pelmeni. I love it! It's probably my favorite meal so far.

  4. Swine Flu?!!!!!!!!!! The propaganda stretches worldwide...although it is interesting to watch news not originating in the states! ...most people have no idea...