Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So this morning I woke up at 2 am and couldn't go back to sleep. I thought since I had slept all night the night before, that I was all set with the time change thing. I guess not! Jim was awake again too so we got up and he worked on a couple newsletters and I watched some adoption education videos I had been given.

We were being picked up at 11 am by our driver so when I was tired at 6:30 I decided to try to get a couple more hours of sleep. Unfortunately, Jim climbed back in bed with me and without an alarm set, we slept until just after 10. Now we had to scramble to get breakfast, get everything together and get downstairs on time.

We managed to do it, but my oatmeal was less than yummy so I just had a small yogurt, Jim inhaled his bacon and eggs and we hit the road for Novgorod
Our coordinator told us when we met her in the lobby that our van cancelled at the last minute so we are driving in a regular car. All 5 of us. (Jim and I, Tanya our translator, Natasha the coordinator and Vitaly the driver.)

So it is now 6:30 and we have been driving for 7 hours. We have 150 Km to go and I am sitting in the middle of the back seat crammed in between Jim and Natasha. The car is 700 degrees and I cannot wait to get out. Russians take the cold very seriously and apparently want the degree of warmth when they are inside to be as extreme as the cold is outside. They are all sitting in this car with their coats on and the heater going full blast. I could be sitting here in my underwear and still sweating........
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