Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ok so this will be short tonight. This day has been way too long!! No sleep again last night and up early to see the boys one last time before the long drive back to Moscow. Today's visit was as good as yesterday's. We played some more and got to know them a little better. We learned about their schedule and that they are potty trained! (although all the adoption stuff I have read says don not expect the little guy to maintain this if I don't have the extremely rigid schedule that the orphanage does) He apparently does not ask to go, he just complies when he is put on the potty so we'll see.

We found out that we have a tentative court date on January 18th which means that we will be traveling again very quickly. We are desperately hoping that the mandatory 10 waiting period is waived after the court date, but will not be surprised if it is not. Novgorod region is the only region in Russia where the judges have been waiving this waiting period and apparently they are getting pressure from the Supreme Court about it. They just had a family go home last week with no waiting period, but they say things may change with the new year. We hope not!

So I'm going to attempt to put up some pics and call it a night.

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  1. They are beautiful! LOve the videos! They seem so happy! And definitely love their little bears. Thanks again for sharing all of this. Prayers are with you and these beautiful little boys. Love you! Jackie and Nate