Saturday, December 12, 2009

On The Road

So we are on the road. We are on the bus from Portland to Logan. Our flight is at 7 PM. So far I realized that I forgot my travel pillow, but if that's all I forget, I will be very grateful.

So since I have some time, I'll go back and share some history so you have an idea how we got here. (I promise to give you the short version) Most of you are aware that for us, having kids has not been as easy or nearly as fun as it should be. We are very blessed to have Alexis as she came to us as a result of our first IVF cycle after 5 years of trying things the normal way.

Since we both knew we wanted more kids, we have tried numerous IVF cycles since with no success. We even used an egg donor for the last 2 cycles with no luck. We still have 2 embryos left from that donor cycle that are frozen until we decide to give it one last shot.

Then last December, through a friend of the family, we became aware of a baby boy that was to be born in January that would be placed for adoption. We began the process to adopt him, but when the time came, his birth mother decided to parent him herself. It was a tough time, but I can't honestly say I blame her.

So then I decided to look into international adoption. We considered all kinds of places and I thought we might try Ghana but we thought that since I was approaching 41 we should probably finish up with the IVF attempts and then consider adoption if we still wanted more kids so I put the adoption plans and paperwork on the back shelf and went back to trying to figure out why the IVF's weren't working and if I could do anything to help that be a success. We planned to transfer our last 2 embryos this winter sometime.

Then in late September I got an email, just like I had gotten a hundred times in the previous months, from Rainbow Kids about some waiting children. I always read these emails and look the kids pictures but this one I couldn't just delete. It was about 2 little brothers, under the age of 3 with no real health problems. There were no pictures with this email but they were described as having dark hair, big brown eyes and olive skin. Well I had to get more info so I sent an inquiry through the Rainbow Kids website and that led us to where we are today. On a bus, to get to a plane, to fly half way around the world to meet 2 little boys that want and need a family that wants and needs them just as much.

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