Friday, December 25, 2009


So today is Christmas Day and we are spending it quietly, just the 3 of us. Alexis has had a great day as Santa was able to find almost everything she wanted (she only asked for 4 things) and a couple things she didn't even think of. Mom and Dad brought her home a fur hat from Russia which, as you can see looks great on her. Jim and I are still recovering from our trip, catching up on sleep and cleaning up our house.

Yesterday we had to go to the Immigration office to get fingerprinted. We need approval from INS to emigrate a foreign orphan into this country. Apparently this little approval could hold up the whole process as Russia will not officially schedule a court date without it. The very helpful (NOT) lady at the immigration office yesterday said it could be up to a 4 week wait for this. Our adoption agency suggested calling our Congressman or Senator to see if they can't hurry this along. So on Monday, I'll be on the phone with my elected representatives to see if they won't help me out. Do you suppose all my emails, phone calls and faxes to them in the last few months about the health care bills have gained me any favor?? Hopefully they won't remember me....