Friday, March 12, 2010

Next Stop Borovichi

So we got up this morning and picked up the new birth certificates and adoption certificates for the boys before we left Novgorod. Now we are on our way to Borovichi where we will apply for their passports.

If we are lucky, they will get the passports issued today and we will be able to pick them up today. If not, we will get the passports tomorrow morning and then pick up the boys. If we can't take them today, at least we should be able to visit them.

Our sleep schedules are terribly screwed up. Jim's body is refusing to adapt to this time zone and he has been sleeping in chunks during the day when he can and up most of the night. I on the other hand have been able to transition somewhat except for Jim disturbing my sleep because he's up. It's really hard being trapped in a hotel room with someone on a different schedule. The next couple weeks ought to be interesting. At least once we get home we have space and should be able to get away from those who are actually able to sleep at the appropriate times and not disturb them.
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